“Honored! Today I was invited by Hemi, from Grow with Hemi, to talk at a summit he ran on ‘Employee to Entrepreneur.’ I always saw the potential in Hemi throughout his career in Telstra & I’ve loved watching him build multiple businesses from the ground up. He’s become an International speaker and most recently receiving Best Business Award in International category, by Small Business Victoria 2018. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this morning’s session Hemi. It was totally uplifting; inspiring & I loved every minute of sharing my journey.”

—– Brooke Earle

“Today he has taken me out of my comfort zone and I went up in front of the Employee to entrepreneur summit to speak. To be a successful break out of your comfort zone and do things you thought you could never do. Loving this entrepreneurship journey with Hemi Hossain”

—– Mana Sands

“After completing NLP I now have full confidence to approach patients in an organised, systematic manner which can lead to great outcomes. The skills, tips and tricks I have gained are not limited to dental only situations, but can be applied to everyday life; relationships and social circumstances. Highly Recommend.”

—– Dr Apoorve Purohit

“Thank you so much Kinnar. You are a Powerhouse of Energy, Knowledge and Experience. We loved how you inspired us to achieve nothing but the best outcomes. It will take me a long way in achieving my goals and make life less stressful. You taught us how to work smart, not hard.”

—– Dr. Geeta Manjunath

“The greatest value Kinnar has added to me is the skill of verbal language patterns, When to say, what to say in my consultations with my patients, How to deal with concerns and objections, It has made me realize the importance of structured communications”

—– Dr Jeveed Rouf