4Ts Philosophy of Destiny Design

We are unique management and consulting company, who helps empower the entrepreneur gene within Dental Professionals. Our founding members have walked the talk both in the dental and corporate industries establishing successful empires. We truly believe that to be the best of you and your business, one has to evolve and transform in their- State, Strategies, Systems, Skills and Solutions for Success. We will work in each and every one of these areas with you and your team. We will elevate your personal and professional growth to the next level. The foundation of the Destiny Design program is standing on its 4Ts Philosophy:

 Trust Believe in Yourself

Every person is different and so is his/her choice of life. Everyone’s success or the motivation of cannot and should not be measured by a set of criteria. It has to be tailormade and made by You. You need to have a clarity of life, of your strength and weakness, your choices, your priority, and your vision. The first and foremost requirement for that is to trust yourself. This trust has a magical power to accept new challenges of life, not to be broken when things go against the plan, to work hard to see the end by exploring own potential and strength, to be positive with the strong sense of gratitude and most importantly to add value to others life
to make own life more meaningful. Our Destiny Design program will help you to create your own formulas to trust yourself leading to your personal and professional success as we truly believe in “Destiny by design, not by default”.

 Team Strong Sense of WE Feeling

No business can stand on an individual. You need to have a clear understanding of team dynamics as your business will grow with two teams; one is inside your practice and the other is the team of Destiny Design. With both of the teams you need to have a chemistry where there will be trust, communication, leadership, sense of responsibility, understanding individual’s talents, loyalty, openness and sharing the common vision. We will help you develop a team with strategies that give energy, vitality and a sense of positive well being. So that your team members can thrive and perform at their best.

 Time There are indeed 48 hours in a day!

Having not enough time to pursue passion, to travel, to enjoy the freedom from commitments, to enjoy life is a very common complain. Some people spend time, some kill time, some use time and very few people try to get the best value out of their time. We will train you to be in the last category by making you realize the worth of your time. If there is a disciplined track to follow in your personal as well as professional life, you will have time to pursue more than one passions and you will be able to take the control of your time, your life. Your work-life-balance, your work-satisfaction, your life’s enjoyment as well as your fulfilment will automatically fall into place.

 Transformation The New You

We do not believe in changing people. After knowing about your strengths and weaknesses, your reality and dreams we help you to transform into your better, perhaps into the best self. Believing in own potential and worth is the first, however, the most challenging step of this development path of self and the business. We help you to clear the frost on the mirror to see your reflection clearly. To boost up the energy of the NewFoundYou, we will offer you some personal coaching and personal branding which will help you to convey your knowledge, your experience, your journey, your achievements to the wider community in the global platform.

“In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.”
– Warren Buffett