“Dream”, “success”, “goal” are commonly used words these days. From our experience we have seen that even the intention behind using these words is to motivate people, however, the majority people feel more pressure inside to be measured by their dreams/success/goals as they are not sure where they are standing now and where they are supposed to be. As every individual is different from their personalities and professions, and their challenges, lifestyle, inner journey, their priorities and preferences, it will be unfair to judge an individual through a standard set of metrics. People from all walks of life face these challenges. Identifying own dream and understanding the concept of success are indeed a challenging task. Kinnar Shah and Hemi Hossain, are there to make this challenging, confusing and complicated task more simple and achievable. Their Destiny Design program is the wakeup call for the people who need to dig deep inside their mind and their business, knowing their strengths and weaknesses clearly and making the best use of their potentials.

Our current focus is on dentistry. We have received many queries and requests to contribute into their business growth. Dentistry is a challenging industry which have pros like freedom, money, time, ownership; on the other hand cons like stress and anxiety causing depression (and even suicide), physical challenges due to unhealthy postures and working closely with infectious patients, monotonous routine and tasks, psychological pressure to manage this as a dental practice and as also as a business, uncertainty of sustainable income as well as business growth, tremendous mental pressure from the increasing pressure in the market, etc.

Dr. Kinnar Shah as a successful dentist practicing for 18 years knows the industry insights and the challenges. He has gone through the challenges like all other dentists and explored all the paths for his professional and personal development to overcome the challenges and running his dental practice as a successful business. Being incredibly passionate about work, Kinnar made his own position as a successful dentist as well as a professional coach. He practices his expertise as dentist in Cosmetic, Laser and Implant dentistry. He is the principal director of SmileConcepts, Personal Growth Events, Instaclicks & Premium Ceramics. Being a Certified High Performance Coach, a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach & a NLP business and Leadership Coach, he specialises in working with the innate strengths and talents of the entire Team for the potential of higher success.

Hemi Hossain is the leading success coach, international speaker, investor, winner of several business awards in Australia and overseas in 2017 and 2018. Working as a business lead in top corporate companies (Telstra, MYOB, ANZ) for about a decade in Australia, Hemi decided to start his entrepreneurship and coaching journey about three years ago where he can contribute his business knowledge and experiences to the people who need them.

Having similar mindset and life aspiration, Kinnar and Hemi have decided to work together. They are excited about the synergy effect and the tribe that they can attract by work together. They are very enthusiastic about adding values to people’s lives and bringing changes in their mindset, wealth and achieving mastery in personal and professional success.

Through Destiny Design program Kinnar and Hemi and their team are ready to be with you during your journey of self-discovering as a business person. You don’t need to put any extra effort to struggle to identify your dreams or goals or measure your success anymore as Destiny Design program is designed to do that. You will be able to believe success as a journey, not as your destination; you will do the same work with a new zeal, you will feel the essence of a successful business from your same old dental practice and most importantly, you will be able to love life and yourself more than you ever did before.